Where do you stand?

There is a thing about your past,

What you were in the past, what actions you took and the consequences of those actions, if had affected some people then those actions continue to haunt you for the rest of your life even if you stand in a comfortable position today. People don’t tend to forget the pains of the past. For them it becomes a reason to dominate every relationship that you have with them.

Humans waste a lot of time holding on to things of the past which don’t have a significant impact on what is going to be in the future. As Herbert has said, you must lose a fly to catch a trout. If you chose to stay in the past, then when will you enjoy what you have today and what is about to come to you. The past is like a rubber band. The more you try to hold on to it and more forward, the more it will pull you back. Unfortunately it is not easy to break it. It is the human mind which holds things, and it does so quite willingly.

It is not human to forget things, especially those which had caused trouble. The biggest dilemma of human life is to stay in the past or in the present. Not every beginning is a silver spoon, for some there is no spoon.  When you become fortunate enough to get a spoon, you still think of life without a spoon. With the greater level of understanding that we have comes the greater inability to understand ourselves. The human mind cannot manipulate itself. Harsh memories cannot be overwritten. What we have as a dominating factor compared to other animals becomes in itself a drawback. Reminds me of what Flores has said, you have to be able to risk your identity for the bigger future than the present you are living.

The world what we see today is a result of people living in the past, people living in the present and people living for their future. Where do you stand?