Are we independent?

  The other day someone questioned me, are we really independent? This got me into thinking “are we?” Although the very notion of independence in an informal sense varies from person to person, in general it’s the right to express you.

  The idea of our nation’s independence still eludes me. Before independence there were people from outside the border controlling the people inside the border. Now there are people inside the border controlling the people inside the border. The irony is that every other thing except for this has either remained same or has increased. We have the highest levels of corruption, illiteracy and poverty and yet we are independent. We cannot guarantee our own safety and yet we are independent. We are independent when I have to write such a thing on Independence Day and we are independent when the people inside the border are fighting against the people inside the border. Isn’t it chaos?

  A single rule book cannot define independence. Independence does not liberates, rather restricts. When I’m the only person in the world, I have my own rules and I’m independent. When there are two, both of them have their own rules. If they were to co-exist, their independence is restricted. Imagine a population of more than 1.2 billion with their own rules. Imagine you in that 1.2 billion. It’s like you have to restrict yourself with 1.2 billion rules.

  Humanity has agreed to coexist in a society with a set of rules to which we abide. These rules help us live peacefully as opposed to law of the jungle. Independence and peaceful co-existence cannot exist together. And until then “are we independent?”