Are we independent?

  The other day someone questioned me, are we really independent? This got me into thinking “are we?” Although the very notion of independence in an informal sense varies from person to person, in general it’s the right to express you.

  The idea of our nation’s independence still eludes me. Before independence there were people from outside the border controlling the people inside the border. Now there are people inside the border controlling the people inside the border. The irony is that every other thing except for this has either remained same or has increased. We have the highest levels of corruption, illiteracy and poverty and yet we are independent. We cannot guarantee our own safety and yet we are independent. We are independent when I have to write such a thing on Independence Day and we are independent when the people inside the border are fighting against the people inside the border. Isn’t it chaos?

  A single rule book cannot define independence. Independence does not liberates, rather restricts. When I’m the only person in the world, I have my own rules and I’m independent. When there are two, both of them have their own rules. If they were to co-exist, their independence is restricted. Imagine a population of more than 1.2 billion with their own rules. Imagine you in that 1.2 billion. It’s like you have to restrict yourself with 1.2 billion rules.

  Humanity has agreed to coexist in a society with a set of rules to which we abide. These rules help us live peacefully as opposed to law of the jungle. Independence and peaceful co-existence cannot exist together. And until then “are we independent?”


There is a thing about your past,

                     When you expect its radical when others do it hurts

Expectation is the driving force of dependency. When you expect from others, you have a hope of accomplishment. When others expect from you, it’s a disappointment. Shakespeare once said Expectation is the root of all heartbreak.

            People around you expect a lot of things from you, mostly which they cannot or could not accomplish in life. Expectation binds you to things which you may not want to do. Your boss expects you to work more, you are expected to get a degree or a doctorate, your girlfriend expects you to call her every day (as if it was her birth right) and so on. Well, up to a certain level expectations do good both ways but after that its pure debt. Expecting ones children to study and get a degree is good for both the children and parents, however expectations never halt. When I have a degree it is expected I get a good job and be in touch, when I get a good job it is expected I get married and be in touch, when I get married it is expected I have children and still be in touch. It’s a chain reaction which inhibits you from going your way.

            It is because of expectations that life doesn’t turn out as we expect. Have no expectations, take no expectations and see where life takes you. Now, don’t expect more from this article. Stop expecting, start living.

Where do you stand?

There is a thing about your past,

What you were in the past, what actions you took and the consequences of those actions, if had affected some people then those actions continue to haunt you for the rest of your life even if you stand in a comfortable position today. People don’t tend to forget the pains of the past. For them it becomes a reason to dominate every relationship that you have with them.

Humans waste a lot of time holding on to things of the past which don’t have a significant impact on what is going to be in the future. As Herbert has said, you must lose a fly to catch a trout. If you chose to stay in the past, then when will you enjoy what you have today and what is about to come to you. The past is like a rubber band. The more you try to hold on to it and more forward, the more it will pull you back. Unfortunately it is not easy to break it. It is the human mind which holds things, and it does so quite willingly.

It is not human to forget things, especially those which had caused trouble. The biggest dilemma of human life is to stay in the past or in the present. Not every beginning is a silver spoon, for some there is no spoon.  When you become fortunate enough to get a spoon, you still think of life without a spoon. With the greater level of understanding that we have comes the greater inability to understand ourselves. The human mind cannot manipulate itself. Harsh memories cannot be overwritten. What we have as a dominating factor compared to other animals becomes in itself a drawback. Reminds me of what Flores has said, you have to be able to risk your identity for the bigger future than the present you are living.

The world what we see today is a result of people living in the past, people living in the present and people living for their future. Where do you stand?

Cartoon Workshop by DNA

Here is a thing about being a political cartoonist

           "you tell the truth by drawing a lie......."

Never was drawing so interesting, at least not in Engineering Drawing of 2nd semester. I was amongst 25 of the lucky readers who got selected for a workshop (DNA Cartoon Workshop) by Manjul(Chief cartoonist, DNA) held at their office at Elphinstone road, Mumbai. Being from a engineering background the only relation I have with cartoons is doremon and comics. That doesn’t mean engineering students cannot draw. We do have to draw a lot of formal figures and on the informal part there are those words which we cannot understand in our friend’s assignment. When asked what that the word is, the usual reply is just draw the word (which we do). Also a few of us are indulged in creative activity of drawing portraits during lectures.

The workshop was conducted in a conference room. The conference room was a nice and cosy room with bright ambiance. There was participation from diverse skill backgrounds. The speaker Mr. Manjul started with an introduction on how cartooning began in India. Moved on to focus on political cartooning. He showed us his cartoons, their importance for that time period, how they depict the satire of the issue. Political cartoons do hurt a part of people (mostly politicians). That which cannot be said by news can be told by cartoons.

At one point, each one of us was asked to draw a cartoon. Mr. Manjul gave a review of each of them. Then he drew a cartoon of his favourite character (Dr. Manmohan Singh). It was then that I realised drawing on a digital writing pad is more convenient for a digital print, something which I missed a lot for a logo design competition. Then Mr. Manjul gave away the certificate of the event.

In the end the photographer took group photos. The event was nicely organised and a lot of thanks to Mr. Manjul, the organisers(my apologies, I forgot your name, please mail me if you read this), the photographer, the IT guy and DNA.