Mithil Raut

I was born in June, 1993 and it took me 6 years to realise that my name is Mithil. Then it took me another year to realise that my surname is Raut. Since then Mithil and Raut have been representing me officially and at times personally and socially. I spent my childhood in the bright town of Boisar frequently haunted by the power-outs. Taps always supplied fresh air with exception of water at a few times a day. My school was a nice place to be in with a lot of idiot friends who made me one and I continue to remain. Then I moved on to pursue Computer Engineering from Mumbai University. It was then I realised that my school was not the only place with idiots. So be it for idiots, we surround the world.

My interest lies in Movies(just the watching part), robotics, beaches, travelling and exploring new experiences. I currently reside in Boston pursuing my graduate studies in Engineering. We can always have a coffee. You know where to ping me.

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