Recommended things to do outside work to increase productivity

Recently, I came across an article which was quite convincing in pointing out ways in which you can make yourself more productive person. Here are the key points.

1. Tell yourself “I’m not tired”

  • Our mind only gets tired when it does the same thing for a long period of time.  It needs a change, which is why you don’t feel tired when you switch to social media or binge watching. This switch can be directed towards more positive things and personal goals: Learn a new skill (try solving a Rubix cube), try out a new recipe, work out or play, paint, make music, catch-up with a friend, teach your kids a new thing, explore ways to visualize multiple dimension rather than indulging in means of instant gratification.

2. Hack your commute time to do something productive

  • Read a book, reflect on events of the day, talk to a friend, revise your immediate and long-term goals.


3. Plan your outside-work hours

  • Plan your time spend outside of work in the same way that you plan your work. Start by planning how you will spend an hour of your evening in the morning.

4. Pick a hobby and hobbies can change

  • You are never too old to pick a new hobby. Here is a crowd-sourced list for starters. Keep track of what you are doing and how much you enjoy the experience of doing it.


5. Shut off distractions

  • Work or fun, distractions are counterproductive. Keep away from mediums of instant gratification. Turn-off internet access. Use self-control apps to block access to social media.


6. Deep work, just do it.

  • To put it more simply, give your work the attention it deserves (complete attention). Work towards being more productive in less time. The satisfaction of being in this spot is amazing.


7. Reflect on your day

  • Daily reflection is a part of personal fulfillment. Take the time in your end-fo-the-day commute or sometime before bed to track and realise what you are doing, what can be changed, what can be improved upon.


Adapted from the article How I learned to live 2 days in 1 by Vishal Kataria.

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