the escape from the end of the world (part 2/2)

From three they were thirteen now, from utter despair it was glittering happiness and their anxious minds sung harmonious rhymes. They reached their destiny and had every reason to celebrate. Not long until the three had enjoyed the mesmerizing beauty of the roaring coast did their glittering eyes met troubled glances. Their hearts ran cold and they stood there like the statue of the mermaid frozen to eternity as they began to realise the silence of their folks. Fear wasn’t just within them, it was all around.

The cause was lost in the moment. No more was it the whole new welcoming world they met on arrival. The guards at the coast had warned their folks of the danger of being around the coast at such a time. The night turned darker as they began a search for shelter. Finally, there was a place that could provide them shelter. There was no carrier around except the one they had arrived in. Except for two who preferred to walk the others hopped in. A carrier supposed to carry three was now carrying eleven. The shelter wasn’t far and they reached in no time.

Barely had all of them made out of the carrier and into the open air once again did they realise that the shelter was closed for the night. They tried to call out but it was all in vain. The thirteen grouped once again to ponder upon a place for them to take shelter for the night. Meanwhile the driver of the carrier was infuriated with their behaviour.

Then one amongst them placed a call for help to his kinsmen who lived in the city, a call which could have asked for more questions than answers. Amongst the confusion of different opinions, it was decided that they take shelter at his kinsmen place. The carrier was now carrying thirteen and the driver. The void silence in the carrier was slowly filling with hope as they travelled for a last time. As others wondered the happenings of the night, one amongst them frequently insisted to go to “Pankaj”.

Finally after quite some time of travel they reached the place. The kinsmen were waiting for their arrival. All of them entered the house with heads bent down more in guilt than gratitude. They slept for what remained of the night and were greeted with tea in the morning. They thanked the host and left the house still wondering what had just happened. Just a week earlier they had travelled from different kingdoms and barely knew each other. And now they leave with memories that will last with them forever. That was the beauty of the night.

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