the escape from the end of the world (part 1/2)

Amongst the silent streets of Nalanchira echoed the laughs of three odd gentlemen walking their way out of misery and chaos. It was past midnight and the oxford of the south was puzzled at the vocabulary of these men. The empty roads wore a perilous look and the dark gaze of the clouds watched their solemn efforts to walk. The street lamps held down their heads in utter despair and houses bore an unwelcoming look.

It was their last night and it was decided. They had fought their way out from the guardian of the end of the world into the wilderness of the night. It was time to rejoice and they were headed for the sea. They were to meet their friends at the sea. It was a long way for the sea and yet their warm souls sparked the way towards their only hope. Despite their loneliness, the joys were endless. The chilled air froze a misty recollection of their life. It was very rarely that the trees of Nalanchira got to see their fellow life forms at this time. They carried on.

After some time it was sparkling colours red and blue at a distance. A rush of adrenaline turned their laughter to silence. Apparently they were not alone anymore. The source grew closer and closer until a point where it stopped right beside them. It was a carrier. There were guards sitting inside the carrier. They were bold and strong. They gazed at the three like an eagle gazing at its prey. One of them spoke with utter confidence and asked to justify the presence of these three men at such a time. A series of words exchanged ears and finally the guards left them alone to pursue their freedom.

They were alone yet again and growing tired of the walk. At a distance they spotted a carrier, one which could take them to the seas. They met the driver of the carrier. He was a fat man and his words spoke wisdom. He agreed to take the trio to the seas in his carrier and off they zoomed for the seas.

Inside the carrier the three waited in anticipation as the carrier blazed its way in the still night. Finally they reached. The coast was brightly lit welcoming them to a whole new world. There were people making preparations for ceremony and guards patrolling the area. The cold breeze from the sea smelled of success. The waves smashed with vigour celebrating their success. Finally they were united.

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