Does this make sense?

Apart from the fact that writing makes no sense when you start to write randomly, it also gives you a sense of satisfaction that you are writing something. Writing often can stream your thoughts and take you from one dimension to other. A moment ago I was thinking what to write about, later I started writing and now my mind flows to wonder why people write. At times I wonder why the existence of humans makes the world more artificial. How is it that the level of smartness between humans and any other living animal varies on such a large scale that human can overpower any animal on this world. If we have evolved from apes where is the link between humans and apes? Something like an ape with the smartness of humans or a human with the smartness of the ape. If any such link were to exist, what happened to that link, where is it lost? Was it destroyed by the apes or the human? If so is the current generation not a link to the future sapiens? Which eventually implies that someday we shall be replaced by our future generations? Hold on, isn’t that the feeling deeply embedded in our generations. The feeling that we are so smarter than our parents and grandparents and the fact that we start to hate them as we grow up. Which makes me wonder, why do we have this feeling? Oh! My bad, of course, we are humans and with that comes the potential smartness of domination. A highly likely cause of why we will destroy our own kind.

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