There is a thing about your past,

                     When you expect its radical when others do it hurts

Expectation is the driving force of dependency. When you expect from others, you have a hope of accomplishment. When others expect from you, it’s a disappointment. Shakespeare once said Expectation is the root of all heartbreak.

            People around you expect a lot of things from you, mostly which they cannot or could not accomplish in life. Expectation binds you to things which you may not want to do. Your boss expects you to work more, you are expected to get a degree or a doctorate, your girlfriend expects you to call her every day (as if it was her birth right) and so on. Well, up to a certain level expectations do good both ways but after that its pure debt. Expecting ones children to study and get a degree is good for both the children and parents, however expectations never halt. When I have a degree it is expected I get a good job and be in touch, when I get a good job it is expected I get married and be in touch, when I get married it is expected I have children and still be in touch. It’s a chain reaction which inhibits you from going your way.

            It is because of expectations that life doesn’t turn out as we expect. Have no expectations, take no expectations and see where life takes you. Now, don’t expect more from this article. Stop expecting, start living.

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